Effects of Technology on Child Parenting, Many Positives?

The impact of the use of technology on parenting can be said to be a “classic” topic. How parents use technology also plays a role in children’s development.

Technology that is supposed to be useful can have an adverse effect on parenting when parents are unable to use it wisely. For example, when parents are addicted to playing gadgets or watching television, this is certainly not a good thing. Because after all, attention to children become consumed.

In the framework of National Children’s Day, parents need to look back on how to take care of their children so far. Is it true that technological developments have a positive impact or even have a negative effect.

Parents introspect themselves first
Small children actually do not have their own behavior patterns. Whatever he did was the result of what he had seen so far. Maybe, the addiction to the device that he is now experiencing is also sourced from you as a parent.

For example, after arriving at home after working all day, instead of cleaning up directly or interacting with children, you actually sit on the couch while playing a gadget. As a result, the Little One will absorb the patterns of behavior that he sees everyday at home.

Reporting from Verywell Family, excessive use of technology when you should be able to interact with children will blur the boundaries between work and home affairs. One result is that children do not get a “quota” of fair interaction.

So, before judging the bad behavior of children who constantly stare at the device and make it a passive person, you also need to introspect yourself. Could be, he imitated what you have been doing as a parent.

Technology actually helps the learning process
That also got a response from Dr. Dyan Mega Inderawati. According to him, it is not fair to directly assess that technology has a bad impact on children’s development. Because, in the digital era like now, technology actually has a positive role for their growth and development.

For example, there are tons of educational games, readings and shows that can be accessed through devices and can be done anywhere and anytime. Unlike before the learning process can only be done at school or tutoring. Now, thanks to the help of technology, the learning process can happen anywhere and anytime.

“Then, parents only need to provide limits and control. Limitation and control can be done every day. For example, every day you can only use your device for a few hours and also monitor what content it has access to. Because even though they are in the form of cartoons or animations, many also have negative contents, “said Dr. Ega.

Content control is also very important here. As a parent, you must also make time to choose and provide a variety of interesting educational content. Remember, there are no instant positive results, so you do have to spend more effort.

For Youtube, for example, you can subscribe to many channels that provide educational content. Then, if your little one really likes to draw, you can also provide a digital pen that he can use to make pictures on his tablet.

Not only that, so that there is bonding and openness towards children, especially in children as young people, you as a parent can also show interest in the content that is being accessed. For example, he was watching an adventure film. Try to ask about the characters in the film or other things related to the film.

The more you seem interested in what he witnesses, the greater the desire to share with you. In the end, the child also uses his device to share knowledge with people he trusts.

Talking about the effect of technology on children’s parenting is indeed endless. Because technology will always develop until the big kids later. Most important, parents must always control the content and provide reasonable time limits. Limitation of the use of devices that are not fair or too strict will only make children curious and find out more.