Virtual Tumor, New VR Technology to Check Cancer Cells

You might agree that cancer treatment is greatly influenced by technological advancements. The more methods or the latest technology that can detect and dive into cancer cells in the human body, the sooner the discovery of effective ways to treat these chronic diseases.

It was apparently agreed by scientists from the Cambridge Institute. They succeeded in creating a new method for seeing cancer cells in 3D – in the form of virtual tumors – by using virtual reality (VR).

Reporting from the BBC, by using virtual tumors, tumor samples taken from patients can be studied in detail from all angles. Thus, tumor cells can be mapped more clearly.

The researchers say, it will increase the understanding of scientists and doctors about cancer and assist them in finding effective new treatments.

This virtual tumor research project is part of an international research scheme. Or rather, virtual tumors are part of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute (CRUK) Grand Challenge Award. So, if this project has been successfully patented, the benefits can be felt by all people of the world.

How virtual tumors work

While waiting for the method to be implemented in Indonesia, you might want to find out how it works from virtual tumors.

First, the researchers began with a 1 mm thick biopsy of breast cancer tissue. In the 1mm thick breast cancer tissue, there are 100,000 cells. Then, the slices are sliced, scanned, then colored to show the characteristics of the molecule and its DNA.

Well, in the laboratory, the VR system is able to analyze tumor cells in 3D. In fact, the Director of CRUK Cambridge Institute named Prof. Greg Hannon told the BBC there had never been a detailed geographic examination of the tumor. That is why, this virtual tumor is considered a new way of looking at cancer and deserves thumbs up.

Meanwhile, in the laboratory, very small human tissue can be displayed in larger sizes up to several meters to be examined in detail. Prof. Hannon also said, by using virtual tumors, doctors were able to find out where the point of cancer spread and see the most virulent cancer cells.

Not only that, these sophisticated methods can help you understand how cancer cells interact with each other, including with healthy tissue. If scientists and doctors can see how the work of cancer cells damage healthy tissue in detail, it will be easier for them to stop the movement and can develop new therapies that are more appropriate.

In conclusion, the discovery of this virtual tumor greatly helped the medical world in taking care of the “world of cancer”. Because, so far the doctors only use the 2D version which is actually less able to show how the reality of the condition of tissues, cells, and the spread of cancer in the human body. As a result, the detection and treatment of cancer only dwell there.

With this 3D VR technology, it is hoped medical experts can make examining cancer cells in more detail from various angles. This also influences the cancer treatment recommendations for patients. So, just pray, yes, hopefully medical experts in Indonesia can immediately use the virtual tumor method to detect cancer and cancer patients have a higher life expectancy.