6 Health Threats due to Technology

Technology is now increasingly developing. Want to contact a couple of different countries, you can use the video call feature. Want to buy food but lazy to leave, just click the motorcycle taxi application online. But like a double-edged knife, the sophistication of the technology can threaten your health. The following are:

Injury due to a traffic accident

Based on the National Safety Council in the United States, an estimated 1 in 4 car accidents occur due to the use of smart phones. Are you one of those people who often read short messages while driving? Or when driving your hand one holding the steering wheel, while the other one is scanning the feed on social media?

If yes, you should start to stop the habit. Using a cellphone while driving can divert your attention and be unable to focus on the road. Of course it can increase your risk of injury due to a traffic accident.


According to research conducted by the University of Illinois, United States, and published in the American Psychological Association journal, someone who eats while looking at a cellphone, works in front of a laptop or while watching TV will tend to choose unhealthy foods and can risk obesity.

In children, spending time watching TV or playing games on a tablet, cellphone or laptop can cause a child to be potentially obese due to lack of physical activity.

Neck pain

Do you often experience pain or stiffness in the neck area? If so, it could be the cause is your habit of looking down on cellphones. According to research published in the National Library of Medicine, looking down to 600 when looking at cell phones can put a strain on the neck area of ​​the neck and increase the risk of bone injury.

Reduce fertility

For men who are longing for offspring, you should read this carefully. Lap the laptop often on the thigh while working can reduce your fertility.

According to a study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, radiation and heat released when you hold your laptop on your thigh, can cause interference with the testes and decreased sperm quality.

Reducing sleep quality

Is one of your habits is to check social media before going to bed to see who likes your posts? If yes, try reducing the habit.

Blue rays emitted by your smartphone can reduce sleep quality and make you experience fatigue during the day. Besides seeing a cellphone (especially when it’s dark) can make you experience tired eyes and headaches.


Constantly looking at cell phones, checking social media, and replying to short messages 24 hours can put you at risk of anxiety and depression.

This is evidenced in research conducted by Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford, New Jersey, United States. The research says that social media and technology tend to increase the risk of anxiety and depression.

So, now the choice is yours. Although technology can facilitate all activities, in reality it also risks threatening your health. Therefore, it’s good to take advantage of technological advances wisely and not excessive.